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King Charles Targets Prince Andrew Amid Allegations of Late Queen's Favoritism

King Charles Targets Prince Andrew Amid Allegations of Late Queen's Favoritism

King Charles' long-standing resentment towards Prince Andrew has come to light, suggesting he may be using his authority to address perceived biases their mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had towards Andrew.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, family therapist Sharon Marianetti-Leeper discussed the ongoing feud between the royal brothers over the Royal Lodge accommodation. King Charles has reportedly ordered Prince Andrew to vacate the property in favor of a smaller residence. However, Andrew is resisting, citing his 75-year lease on the residence.

Marianetti-Leeper, who has experience with contentious sibling disputes over real estate and inheritance, commented: “It can get very ugly, very quickly, and that ugliness can be sustained over time, often until death.” She emphasized that for Andrew and Charles to salvage their sibling relationship, they would need to address early childhood alliances and parental favoritism, whether real or perceived.

The therapist suggested that Queen Elizabeth II might have favored Andrew during her lifetime, adding, “Charles is no doubt not in any rush to do him any favors after her death.” Marianetti-Leeper speculated that Charles might even be enjoying his brother's and ex-sister-in-law's difficulties as a form of payback.

She concluded by noting that there might be more hope in ensuring the next generation avoids the vitriol of their fathers, fostering cohesion and camaraderie instead. This approach, she suggested, could help prevent a multigenerational pattern of discord from solidifying.

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