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Prince William Open to Reconciling with Prince Harry Over 'Honest' Confession

Prince William Open to Reconciling with Prince Harry Over 'Honest' Confession

Prince William is reportedly ready to mend his rift with Prince Harry if the latter honestly expresses his feelings about their family.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond discussed with OK! magazine the claims that the Duke of Sussex regrets his children not having a relationship with their royal cousins following their dramatic departure from the UK in 2020.

Bond remarked, "All we have to go on is that Harry has said he loves his UK family and hopes to see them more often.

"But he has also said he now regards the USA as home….and that suggests he is resigned to the fact that his family’s future is in America and not the UK," she explained.

Jennie further claimed that the Prince of Wales has "blanked out" the 'Harry problem,' causing the Spare author to spend "almost all of his time focusing on his own wife and children."

"So, I rather doubt that he spends much time regretting the fact that his kids don’t know their cousins. All this, though, could change with the passage of time," she added.

Royal author Tom Quinn echoed these sentiments, recently telling the Mirror, "Harry's deepest upset concerns not just his lack of relationship with George, Charlotte, and Louis, but also his own children's lack of a relationship with their cousins.

"Harry and Meghan would love to get round the problem - they would love it if the cousins could meet regularly and have a positive relationship as they grow up, but they cannot see a way to do it while they themselves, Harry and Meghan, are estranged.

"Harry has said that he hopes the cousins can at least be friends as adults," Quinn concluded.

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