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Prince William's 'Vague' Update on Kate Middleton Sparks Alarm

Prince William's 'Vague' Update on Kate Middleton Sparks Alarm

Prince William's recent reassurances about Kate Middleton's health have raised concerns among royal experts, despite his efforts to maintain a positive outlook.

During a conversation with Sky News Australia, royal expert Tim Ewart reflected on Prince William's comments regarding Kate's condition. In his recent outings, William has repeatedly stated that Kate is "doing well" or "getting better," but these updates have left some feeling uneasy.

Earlier this week, while speaking to a D-Day veteran, William nodded affirmatively when asked about Kate's health following her treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer. Ewart, the ITN royal editor, noted, "It’s not the first time that William has said this; he’s made this comment on a couple of previous public appearances. But that, without in any way dampening down optimism about this, that is all we have heard."

Ewart continued, "There have been no formal medical bulletins, and we still don’t know what form of cancer Kate has, or especially what treatment she is receiving."

Highlighting the significance of Kate's absence, Ewart added, "Kate should have attended the rehearsal because she is a Colonel of one of the regiments involved, and it’s called the Colonel’s rehearsal, which she’s not going to be there."

Recently, the Princess of Wales penned an emotional letter to the regiment of Irish Guards, for which she serves as colonel-in-chief, apologizing for missing King Charles' official birthday event next week.

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