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King Charles Makes Decisive Move: Prince Harry and Andrew Permanently Excluded from Royal Family

King Charles Makes Decisive Move: Prince Harry and Andrew Permanently Excluded from Royal Family

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew appear to have reached a point of irreversible separation from the royal family, particularly as King Charles ascends the throne. The British public's sentiment towards their reintegration remains cool, as observed by a prominent royal commentator.

These assessments align with the results of a recent poll conducted by deltable for the Mail on Sunday. Surveying 1504 Britons, the poll unveiled that more than half of the participants express a desire for Prince Harry to be removed from the line of succession.

Esteemed broadcaster Esther Kraki offered her analysis to Sky News Australia, underscoring the parallel predicaments faced by Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. Both individuals find themselves in scenarios where rejoining the royal fold seems improbable.

Kraki interpreted Prince Harry's presence at King Charles' coronation as a symbolic gesture rather than an indication of his reinstatement. This gesture underscores the event's significance in the monarch's life rather than signifying a full-fledged return to royal obligations.

Kraki emphasized that King Charles is attuned to public sentiment and acknowledges the prevailing lack of enthusiasm for both Prince Harry and Prince Andrew among the British populace. Consequently, the prospect of their reintegration appears remote, with the expert deeming it unlikely and impractical. She highlighted that a substantial portion of the public favors the removal of their titles, reflecting shifting attitudes towards these members.

At present, Prince Harry holds the fifth position in the line of succession, trailing behind his elder brother Prince William and William's offspring: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The poll also disclosed that a majority (51 percent) of respondents advocate for the titles of both Prince Harry and his family to be revoked. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have relinquished their HRH titles, Prince Archie and Prince Lilibet still retain theirs as grandchildren of King Charles III.

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