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Tom Bower Reveals Meghan Markle & Doria's Private Call Prior to Royal Palace Departure

Tom Bower Reveals Meghan Markle & Doria's Private Call Prior to Royal Palace Departure

The true nature of Meghan Markle's intentions during her time in England has been brought into the spotlight, revealing strategic considerations. As outlined by royal biographer Tom Bower, Meghan's union with Prince Harry was never intended to tether her permanently to life in England.

These revelations come to light two years after the globally watched wedding of the couple at St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Following this celebrated event, the Sussexes stepped back from their royal obligations, making a significant move to Montecito, California – a favored haven for Hollywood's elite.

While the narrative around their departure from the UK initially centered on seeking refuge from unrelenting media attention, this story took an unexpected turn as the couple ventured into media ventures that placed them squarely back in the public eye. The irony of this transition has not escaped Bower, whose book 'Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors' delves into these intricate dynamics.

Bower underscores that Meghan's intentions consistently involved leveraging her royal status to propel her Hollywood ambitions. He asserts that her networking strategy was evident in the composition of the guest list for their Windsor wedding. While traditional acquaintances were notably absent, prominent Hollywood figures such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney assumed prominent roles. Bower posits that Meghan's trajectory aimed to amplify her career, a goal that her subsequent actions seem to support.

Moving beyond the surface of the "Megxit" decision, the Sussexes have encountered a series of challenges since transitioning to Hollywood. Notable instances include their absence from a high-profile BAFTA event and Oprah Winfrey's birthday celebration, which prompted speculation about potential distancing from Hollywood circles. This disconnect gained further attention when the couple became subjects of a satirical episode on South Park, underscoring the paradox of their pursuit of privacy amid ventures that share their stories in a tell-all manner.

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