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Americans Weigh In on Prince William vs. Prince Harry: A Tale of Elegance vs. Controversy

Americans Weigh In on Prince William vs. Prince Harry: A Tale of Elegance vs. Controversy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have received advice to take a page from the book of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Americans have showered Prince William with love and respect for his dignified approach during his recent visit to the US.

Prince William's journey to New York City stood in stark contrast to his younger brother Prince Harry's encounter with 'near-catastrophic' paparazzi-related issues.

During his visit, Prince William engaged in several royal duties, such as attending the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit and meeting with world leaders. Notably, his visit was free of any controversy or headline-grabbing drama.

Christopher Andersen, a prominent American journalist and author of multiple books, offered his perspective on the two brothers, summarizing it as "a story of class versus crass." He explained further to Fox News Digital, "When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived in New York last May, they did so on a private jet, carrying with them a load of grievances and complaints they had accumulated over the years."

"The Sussexes seemed intent on proving that, like Princess Diana, they were unjustly pursued by the media. Almost predictably, Harry and Meghan's visit culminated in what was described as a two-hour, high-speed chase through Manhattan's streets—a sequence that appeared highly implausible to anyone remotely familiar with the city. What a spectacle," he continued.

According to the expert, this was simply another episode in Harry and Meghan's ongoing tour of airing their grievances.

In May of this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, accompanied by Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, attended the Ms. Foundation Awards. After the event, some photographers, likely frustrated by earlier access restrictions, began tailing their vehicle. The couple's spokesperson characterized it as a "relentless pursuit" that resulted in "numerous near-miss incidents."

In comparison, Prince William's trip was devoid of such drama. He opted for a commercial flight, marking his first visit to the city since 2014. Andersen suggested there were valuable lessons that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could glean from William's more understated visit.

"By contrast, Prince William adhered to a script that centered not on himself but on the pressing issue of climate change, which was the purpose of his US journey. Harry and Meghan could take a page from William and Kate, focusing on a little decorum and restraint, but such may not be the Sussexes' modus operandi."

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe, speaking to the same outlet, noted that Prince William's visit was meticulously organized by a well-prepared team to ensure a seamless experience.

"The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK would have coordinated his visit. It was an official visit, whereas Harry and Meghan were on their own... They went to New York to accept an award. Interestingly, this aligns with one of the criticisms aimed at Harry and Meghan: they departed from royal life and royal tours, only to embark on their own mini-tours that closely resemble official visits," he added.

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