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Decoding the Royal Family's Dress Code

Decoding the Royal Family's Dress Code

The Royal Family's fashion choices have long captivated enthusiasts, from the Queen's vibrant coats to the Duchess of Cambridge's elegant tiaras. Yet, there's more than aesthetics to their wardrobe selections; etiquette and tradition play a significant role in shaping their dress code.

1. Queen's Hat Tradition:

The Queen is often seen donning bold hats for formal events, aligning with dress code etiquette that recommends women wear hats for such occasions.

2. Prince George's Shorts Tradition:

Prince George, following royal tradition, is often seen in smart shorts and shirts rather than casual attire. This tradition harks back to the 16th century practice of young boys wearing gowns until the age of eight, which evolved into shorts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

3. The Queen and Gloves:

Gloves are a staple for the Queen, serving both as a fashion statement and practical items to prevent the spread of germs, especially given the numerous handshakes she engages in during public engagements.

4. Casual Dress Code:

When dressing casually for public appearances, the Duchess of Cambridge opts for smart day dresses or trousers with a jacket or cardigan, while Prince William typically dons a blazer, collared shirt, and chinos. Jeans are generally avoided in more formal settings.

5. Trooping the Colour:

The Queen's wardrobe features a spectrum of colors, a deliberate choice to stand out in crowds. Her personal assistant, Angela Kelly, is credited for the bold color choices.

6. Military Style:

Princes William and Harry, with military backgrounds, wear military uniforms at events like Trooping the Colour, honoring their regiments.

7. Tiaras and Crown Jewels:

Tiaras are reserved for married women or members of the Royal Family and are typically worn at formal evening events. They symbolize status and marital commitment for women and act as a signal for men not to make advances.

While the Royal Family's fashion may seem like a glamorous display, it's steeped in tradition, protocol, and a careful balance between personal expression and public perception.

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