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Explore the initial stages of Donald and Melania Trump's relationship during her modelling days

Explore the initial stages of Donald and Melania Trump's relationship during her modelling days

Scheduled for release on November 18, the coffee table book unveils Melania Trump's early bashfulness at the onset of her relationship with the former president.

In 1999, Manny Hernandez captured candid moments of Melania at a Miami event for Ocean Drive magazine, still recognized by her maiden name, "Melania Knauss."

Seated on a couch with crossed knees and folded arms, the 29-year-old model clutches a copy of the magazine protectively. Despite heavy makeup and straightened auburn hair, there's a youthful radiance about her, accentuated by a silver cross necklace and a black lace slip dress. This portrayal offers a stark contrast to the poised figure she would later embody as the First Lady.

During this period, Melania, then dating Donald Trump but not yet married, exhibited a reserved demeanor, potentially attributed to her limited English proficiency and age. According to Hernandez, "Melanie was fairly reserved, maybe because she didn't speak much English and was much younger than Trump." Despite this, her admiration for the magazine cover was unmistakable.

Given Donald Trump's prominence in the Miami and New York scenes, Hernandez, familiar with the couple, noted, "I'm not sure if he sought fame or if fame sought him."

Donald Trump's new book features a photo from 1998, capturing his iconic scowl outside Liquid nightclub. Dressed in his signature blue suit and dapper white shirt, the image showcases his unmistakable orange combover.

The visuals hint at Donald Trump's influence in their early relationship. However, Melania seems to have found her voice in their evolved lives, diverging from the image of the timid young model curled up on a Miami couch.

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