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Prince Harry found himself at a crossroads when confronted with a probing question about 'The Crown'

Prince Harry found himself at a crossroads when confronted with a probing question about 'The Crown'

Commencing the conversation in a state of apparent relaxation, Prince Harry's demeanor took an unexpected turn as the discussion delved into the popular drama series. Currently residing in the United States with his wife and two children, Prince Harry's life has taken an intriguing trajectory post his lucrative deal with a streaming service, following his departure from the royal family in 2020.

The Duke of Sussex, entangled in a bit of controversy since the airing of the show's final season, visibly struggled to maintain composure when probed about the hit drama series during a recent TV interview. Sitting down with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show in January 2023 to promote his tell-all memoir, "Spare," 

Prince Harry confirmed his viewership of "The Crown" in both its older and more recent iterations. However, the tide shifted when asked about fact-checking, leading to a noticeable shift in his level of control over the interview.

Analyzing this pivotal moment, body language expert Judi James observed that Prince Harry, initially exuding a relaxed and humorous vibe, underwent a perceptible transformation post-"The Crown" question. Despite facial expressions portraying an aura of chill and down-to-earth charisma, subtle cues in his hands and leg movements hinted at an undercurrent of unease and a struggle to maintain control.

This incident unfolded against the backdrop of Netflix, the streaming service maintaining its association with Meghan and Harry, releasing the first part of the sixth and final season of "The Crown." This latest installment delves into the last months of Princess Diana's life, culminating in her tragic demise in 1997 after a car crash in Paris.

Reflecting on Prince Harry's response, Judi James remarked on his portrayal as the "cool royal" willing to divulge secrets under the right circumstances. However, a closer look at his body language revealed a different story. The lower half of his body, through hand rubbing and a symbolic leg-crossing ritual, betrayed a genuine discomfort, signaling an unspoken preference to steer the conversation away from "The Crown."

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