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Insights into Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Marriage

Insights into Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Marriage

The marital union of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip was reportedly marked by periods of 'resentment' from the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, in a conversation with the Daily Star, highlighted that the late monarch's marriage experienced a 'brief' phase of happiness that eventually transformed into negative feelings.

"[The Queen] discovered personal joy with the modest foreign prince she had encountered at Dartmouth on the eve of the war in 1939. Since then, her affections had been exclusive."

Fitzwilliams acknowledged that the time Philip and Elizabeth spent in Malta, during his naval service, constituted one of the happiest but regrettably short-lived periods in their shared lives.

The expert observed that the Queen's unwavering commitment to her duty meant that Prince Philip had to live in the shadow of Queen Elizabeth.

"The Queen consistently prioritized her duty, fulfilling her role with impeccable grace," he explained.

"However, this dedication meant that Philip could not pass on his name to his children, a situation he deeply resented. Furthermore, he had to relocate to Buckingham Palace against his desires and forge his own path, as access to state papers was restricted."

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