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Lizzie Cundy Exposes Meghan Markle's Troubling Memoir Plans Live On Air

Lizzie Cundy Exposes Meghan Markle's Troubling Memoir Plans Live On Air

Lizzie Cundy, a 55-year-old socialite and TV personality, has raised concerns about Meghan Markle's alleged plans for a memoir, following a recent episode of "Family Guy" mocking Prince Harry and Meghan. 

In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Cundy, a former friend of Meghan and Prince Harry, issued a warning to the future monarch, King Charles III, urging him to intervene and halt Meghan's intended memoirs. Known for her past connection with football player Jason Cundy, Lizzie expressed frustration, stating, "It's time to stop their whining and winging; all they do is backstab and turn it into a profession."

Cundy highlighted the potential repercussions of Meghan and Harry's actions, claiming that the UK has become an international source of ridicule. She specifically pointed to a recent "Family Guy" parody, humorously depicting the royal couple lounging poolside and mocking their social media endorsements and lucrative Netflix deals.

Expressing concerns about Meghan's memoirs, Cundy feared that releasing them could further subject the royal family to ridicule. Referencing the controversy surrounding Prince Harry's upcoming autobiography, Cundy took the unusual step of addressing Meghan directly, urging her to abandon the idea of writing.

Cundy argued that both the royal family and the British public have endured enough, directing her appeal to King Charles, encouraging him to find the courage to address Meghan directly.

Recalling their friendship since 2013 when they first met at a charity dinner, Lizzie disclosed her efforts to support Meghan's career, even attempting to help her secure a spot on Channel Four's reality series, 'Made in Chelsea.' She also offered advice on repairing Meghan's relationship with the royal family.

While reminiscing about Meghan's initial affection for London and the UK, along with her dreams of living and working in the capital with a British boyfriend, Cundy revealed a significant deterioration in their friendship, stating that Meghan had 'ghosted' her.

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