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Meghan Markle Upset Over Hanbury's Gesture Leading to Cheating Allegations Against Prince Harry

Meghan Markle Upset Over Hanbury's Gesture Leading to Cheating Allegations Against Prince Harry

Did Meghan Markle harbor feelings of envy during the 2017 State banquet over Prince Harry's closeness to Rose Hanbury? Could her discontent have fueled the rumors of an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury? A discussion thread with nearly 15,000 comments delves into the absurdity of these claims surrounding Prince William and Rose Hanbury's purported affair.

The focal point of the discussion revolves around the July 12, 2017, Spanish state banquet attended by senior members of the Royal family, including Prince William and Catherine, who had recently commenced their full-time royal duties. Notably, Rose CH Mundy, the Marchioness of CH Mundy, was seated next to Prince Harry.

Gossip magazines erroneously asserted that Catherine was attempting to set up Rose Hanbury with Prince Harry. However, a significant flaw in this narrative emerged – Rose was happily married to David Brock Savage, with whom she shared three children: a daughter named Iris CH Mundy and twin sons named Alexander and Oliver CH Mundy. During this period, Meghan Markle openly expressed her love for Prince Harry, sharing intimate details of their time together, such as allegedly cooking for him.

This brings us to the misleading headlines. Did Meghan Markle come across false tabloid headlines praising Rose Hanbury's appearance and suggesting she'd be an ideal match for Prince Harry? Most likely, yes. The tabloids also claimed that Catherine was trying to pair up Rose and Harry and that Harry and Rose were flirting, despite none of these events occurring during the state dinner.

Prince Harry engaged in casual conversation with the Marchioness of CH Mundy, and that was the extent of their interaction. Rose did not include Prince Harry in any particular circle, as he was primarily seen as Prince William's brother and Catherine's brother-in-law.

There's more to this story. Another commenter in the discussion thread, Kik Citadel, pointed out that reports of rivalry began surfacing after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in May 2018. This marked a turning point in the dynamics among the Royals, with rumors of tensions emerging between Meghan and Catherine, as well as between William and Harry. The Sun published articles in April 2019 about the alleged rivalry between Catherine and Rose, leading to a pattern of such sources.

In reality, the Marchioness of CH Mundy and the future Queen, Catherine, never had a falling out or rivalry. William didn't prize Rose's children, and David Rock Savage had known William for most of his life, having worked for the Queen when William was around eight. Catherine didn't meet the CH Mundies until 2009 when Rose and David were married and expecting their sons.

It's entirely possible that Meghan Markle disliked the narrative perpetuated by the tabloids, even though it lacked any basis in truth. Catherine would never have any involvement in breaking up a marriage, and the sensational stories about Meghan not reading tabloids are likely far from reality. Meghan may have had a motive to paint Catherine in a negative light by having Charles Karin tweet about an affair that everyone knows never took place.

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