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Canadians Exclude Meghan Markle from Invictus Event Amid Controversy

Canadians Exclude Meghan Markle from Invictus Event Amid Controversy

In the wake of the Invictus Games' closing ceremony, the online landscape is buzzing with numerous Change.org petitions, all echoing the shared concerns of Canadians: the immediate removal of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their roles as leaders of the Invictus Board. This unified call for change has resonated, prompting significant transformations within the organization.

The delivery of these petitions to the Invictus Games Board of leadership and patrons triggered a chain reaction, resulting in structural changes within the organization. Notably, the Invictus homepage and Wikipedia now reflect a notable alteration: Prince Harry's name has been entirely replaced by a new figure, Charles Allen, Baron Allen of Kensington.

A prevailing sentiment among Canadians is that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have exploited the pain and history of veterans for personal gain. Canadians are increasingly disheartened by the notion that an ex-British Prince and his American actress wife are allowed to leverage these sensitive matters. Notably, Harry and Meghan never formally expressed gratitude to Canadian taxpayers who funded their security during their time in Canada.

In light of these developments, Prince Harry has been effectively disassociated from any connection with the Invictus Games, and naturally, this includes Meghan Markle. Her involvement was largely perceived as capitalizing on Prince Harry's association with the games for publicity, as she never held an official role within the organization.

Sources have revealed that Meghan and Harry are not welcome at the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler in 2025. Nevertheless, Meghan expressed her intention to bring her children along, using them as a reason to return to Canada, where they previously resided. People seem eager to meet Archie and Lilibet.

Meghan has expressed her desire for her children to learn to ski, and with the next Invictus Games scheduled to take place in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada, in 2025, it may provide the perfect opportunity. These games will be the first to feature winter adaptive sports in addition to the core sports from previous Invictus Games, initiated by Prince Harry in 2014. The Invictus Games are an adaptive sporting competition for service personnel and veterans.

Bridget Bridge, the wife of an Invictus Games board member, shared that Meghan mentioned her desire for the children to learn to ski, particularly in Whistler, which she saw as an ideal location. However, she admitted that she herself did not ski, and the suggestion was made for her to have her children learn in the UK. Skiing holidays are often seen as a marker of wealth and class, and most people who enjoy such yearly vacations and possess skiing skills would likely want to share that experience with their family. It's perplexing that Harry doesn't take his children on such holidays.

Meghan's notion of skiing appears to differ. She seems to associate it with attending events, receiving fees, and enjoying luxury accommodation provided by others. The only reason Meghan brings up skiing is her awareness that this is a sport in which Prince Harry has engaged with friends and associates. Her recent remarks on the topic appear to be more about riding a PR wave than genuine interest in the sport.

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