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Sussexes Seek Montecito Divorce Counseling After Prince Harry's Lone US Grand Prix Appearance

Sussexes Seek Montecito Divorce Counseling After Prince Harry's Lone US Grand Prix Appearance

In a surprising twist, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly heading towards a permanent separation, with Prince Harry dropping this bombshell during his solo appearance at the US Grand Prix. This unexpected revelation has sent shockwaves, even reaching the ears of the royal family.

Once considered an inseparable duo, Meghan and Prince Harry have a history of well-documented disagreements in their relationship. However, Prince Harry's recent solo visit to the US Grand Prix has turned heads, especially considering Meghan's decision not to accompany him—a departure from their usual public appearances together.

Body language expert Judy James observed a notable transformation in Prince Harry's demeanor during the event. He exuded confidence, charm, and genuine happiness, reminiscent of the old Prince Harry, free from the pressures of family life, interacting with others, and radiating confidence. The haunted expression on his face seemed to have been replaced by a sincere smile and carefree attitude.

In contrast, Meghan's absence from the event went largely unnoticed, despite the couple's recent return from a romantic Caribbean vacation. However, tensions marked their return to America. James pointed out that Meghan's body language exhibited a hurried demeanor and a lack of affection in their hand-in-hand pose during the holiday, signaling a significant shift in their dynamics.

This shift prompts important questions. Does Prince Harry's solo appearance signify a silent declaration of liberation from Meghan's perceived influence? All signs seem to point in that direction. While Meghan attends to her children, Archie and Lily, indicating maternal concern, an underlying tension suggests she may be on a mission not aligned with the best interests of their marriage.

The news of their impending divorce coincides with Meghan's absence during crucial moments for Prince Harry, indicating a growing rift. Royal experts note the couple's public distancing, particularly during Prince Harry's promotional tour for his autobiography, where he appeared alone for all interviews.

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl remarked, "I think it was very notable that in the run-up to the launch of his autobiography, he had all the publicity and Meghan was noticeable by her absence." She added, "That was really the first time we've seen a divide between them because up until then they've very much been a partnership. And at this crucial moment where Harry's doing the boldest and possibly bravest thing of his life, she's not there for him." Although there is no concrete evidence, this ongoing separation fuels rumors of an impending split.

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