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King Charles Reportedly Excludes Prince Harry from His Will Amid Royal Strains

King Charles Reportedly Excludes Prince Harry from His Will Amid Royal Strains

As Prince Harry continues to live in the US with his wife and children after stepping back from his senior royal duties in 2020, reports suggest that King Charles III may be considering cutting him out of his will.

The 75-year-old monarch, facing health challenges due to cancer, is reportedly preparing for the future of the monarchy, including decisions about inheritance. Despite Prince Harry's recent visit to the UK following his father's cancer diagnosis, sources claim that the Duke of Sussex may not be included in the King's will.

The brief meeting between father and son, described as both tense and cordial, left an impression on King Charles. He was reportedly "touched" by Harry's sudden effort to visit him during this challenging time.

Royal commentator and author Tom Quinn shared his insights on the situation with the Mirror, commenting on the palace's strategy to streamline the monarchy. "The royal family sees value in a more streamlined approach, which has been positively received by the public despite their internal challenges," Quinn stated.

He further added, "The focus is on determining who remains central to the monarchy, and unfortunately, Harry appears to be on the periphery. However, he seems to hold onto hope for reconciliation, reminiscent of a wayward child who expects eventual forgiveness."

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