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Prince Harry Allegedly Points Finger at Kate Middleton Amidst Health Battle

Prince Harry Allegedly Points Finger at Kate Middleton Amidst Health Battle

Amidst her brave fight against cancer, Kate Middleton's health has become a focal point of concern.

Insider accounts suggest that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have been among the last to be privy to Kate's health ordeal. Allegedly, the Sussexes learned about Kate's diagnosis shortly before it became public knowledge, a delay attributed to underlying familial tensions and a series of revelations about various family members.

In the wake of Kate's heartfelt revelation about her cancer battle in a video on March 22, Harry and Meghan publicly conveyed their well-wishes for her recovery. Further reports indicated discreet conversations between the Sussexes and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Royal historian Dr. Tessa Dunlop speculates that this sensitive situation could intensify Harry's introspection about his role within the royal family. She remarks, "Harry, often seen as the perpetual 'Spare' in royal terms, might now grapple with an amplified sense of detachment, especially in light of these profound family disclosures."

Amid these unfolding events, Meghan is gearing up for the grand launch of her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. However, the couple inadvertently finds themselves in a less favorable position. Tessa empathetically shares with the Mirror, "While I sympathize with Harry and Meghan's position, they are somewhat cornered. Despite their public criticism of the British Royal Family, isn't it human nature to occasionally restrain emotions, fearing unforeseen family adversities? It's a poignant perspective."

The intricacies of royal relationships become further evident with Harry's upcoming book titled 'Spare,' which subtly underscores his distant ties with Kate, a globally recognized figure. Notably, William's role remains conspicuously absent from such discussions.

For those unaware, Kate and William's absence from the recent Easter service serves as a solemn reminder of the gravity of Kate's health condition.

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