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Britons 'Fed Up' with Prince Harry's Legal Battle Over Security

Britons 'Fed Up' with Prince Harry's Legal Battle Over Security

Britons are reportedly growing increasingly frustrated with Prince Harry as he continues his legal fight for taxpayer-funded security protection for his family, according to a royal commentator.

The Duke of Sussex recently gained permission to appeal a court verdict regarding his police protection case. This development has sparked criticism from royal expert Mike Graham during a segment on Talk TV.

Graham expressed his impatience with Prince Harry, echoing a sentiment he believes is shared by many in the UK. "I'm getting a bit fed up, as I'm sure most people in this country are with this kid refusing to take no for an answer, throwing his toys out of the pram every time he gets told he can't have something," Graham said.

He further criticized Harry for not only spending his own money on legal fees but also for imposing financial burdens on taxpayers. "Making sure that the taxpayer is also billed to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds just because he can't get his own way," Graham added.

Prince Harry initiated legal action in 2020 after the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (Ravec) decided he should receive a different level of protection compared to other royal family members.

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